Do-It-Yourself anything jars…

Lacking the holiday and decorating-spirit Gadora may have been a Scrooge, but Valentine’s Day brings sweet things…namely pink-hued peanut M&Ms, Brach’s Conversation Hearts, and heart-shaped sugar cookies. And, I am certainly a fan! (Don’t even get me started on Easter’s Peeps! I almost cannot wait!) Scoring 15 quart-sized mayonnaise jars from a local Austinite, Gadora sets out to give them a new use. Sadly, North Austin does not currently recycle glass curbside. I KNOW, right?! May this suffice in giving these jars a longer shelf life!


A big fan of chalk-board paint, and determined to use it on every surface imaginable, Gadora first taped off each jar, making square or rectangular patterns…

Taped jars ~ square

Using painters tape is a great way to contain the paint, in any shape you choose, and allows for easy removal.

Taped jars ~ horizontal

Once taped, the multi-purpose (glass) primer was brushed onto each spot…we’re making the perfect surface to apply the chalkboard paint.

Valspar glass primer

Using a hair bristled brush leaves striations in the dried paint, so between each application Gadora sanded lightly with a sponge sander. Once the primer was dry, Gadora applied three coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint, taking care to lightly sand between each coat. The lids were each sprayed with a plastic spray paint. *It’s best to spray lids on a FLAT surface, so you won’t have the extra step of removing spray from their underbellies…

Painted lids

• • •

Tah-dah! Candy jars fit for any Valentine’s Day treat. By the way, these would totally spice up your pantry. Each jar can hold rice, beans, or 4-cups of flour. Bathroom? Of course! They’d be lovely stuffed with cotton balls, filled with Q-tips and um, well, your choice!

Jars ~ AFTER

A close-up of the chalk-board detail.

Jar ~ close-up

Supplies: glass jars, primer for lid, primer for glass, Chalkboard paint, sponge sander, razor blade , chalk, and yummy confections. The Comfort Grip is actually for another project. Stay tuned.


How To: Start with clean jars. Tape off the space on the jars you wish to paint. Could be fun in a circle, heart or ornate frame shape. Prime area first with an all-surface (Valspar) primer (Gadora painted hers on, as it was the most reliable). Sand. Paint 1-4 layers of chalkboard paint, taking care to sand between each dry layer. Once completely dry, carefully remove the tape. There will be a few teensy spots of paint near your chalkboard window you’ll want to tidy up with a razor. Almost done. Scribble sweet nothings as you wish… Lids? Once clean, simply lay on flat surface and spray with a plastic-approved paint.

Time it takes: 30-40 minutes for a set of three jars, not including dry-time.

8 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself anything jars…

  1. Okay I’m confused.How did you get the chalkboard paint red? I have only found black. They are really smart looking. Great Idea!!

  2. I love the jars! I love using the chalkboard paint also. I used it to paint my laundry room doors…now I write myself notes and draw on them til my hearts content.

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