Gus and Codi sit pretty.

The November Animal Print request of Gus, a Golden Retriever, and Codi, a Labrador mix, was a request from Los Angeles, CA. A holiday gift for a friend in Atlanta.

Gus and Codi - DONE.

The only photo Gadora had to go on, it was small but the pooches posed perfectly for the professional photographer. (Try saying that 10 times!)

AJ facilitates Gadora throughout her day… in many, immeasurable ways. Occasionally he noses around the office as I paint, nudging me for a little TLC. Here, he inspects the beginning stages of Gus and Codi’s watercolor.

AJ helps w Gus

Gadora cropped the canine’s photo so the finished product would be a landscape (horizontal)—a close-up of their happy mugs.

Gus and Codi photoshoot

Looking forward to hearing more about Gus and Codi, Melissa, and how your friend likes her new favorite piece, and how she might display her pooches. Wink.

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