Two Hawk Post.

In Dallas, long ago, I (not yet fully Gadora Wilder) shared life with a man breaking into the film industry. We drove a lot back then (Texas takes pride in showy vehicles with super high mileage) and somewhere between Dallas and Ft. Worth we spotted a pair of hungry hawks perched high on a freeway post. It was a rare and regal sight, and I offered out loud that it’d be a great name for a post production company: Two Hawk Post. He and I didn’t make it, nor did the post production outfit, but occasionally sunny days in Texas offer spirit-lifting, hawk-spotting opportunities along the wide and busy freeways.

Adam Welz ~ Santa Ana, TX*

This weekend Austin’s hawks were out. The air was crisp, the skies sunny. Gadora spotted at least TEN red-shouldered, rufous tailed Hawks perched high above the Texas roads. More than one post held two birds of prey. *Gadora borrowed a pic from Adam Welz’ library, as it proves quite difficult to snap a shot of hawks along the freeway while behind the wheel.

Never once thought about bringing these birds indoors, but found some folks who have…

An exclusive print by Emily Marie Cox for Hygge & West features creatures great and small, only 100 available at time of print.

Their Home Sweet Home

Little Pickle Design’s 12×12 Giclée retro bird prints are fancy, folks (love the wall color, too!). You’re looking for the “print #3 of 4 (the third print above the couch in the photo), which is our retro flying hawks on turquoise.”
Little Pickle Design Print #3

Qebehsenuef, a son of Horus in Egyptian mythology, the god of protection and of the West is seen as a mummy with a falcon head. Lidded jar by Feywood was hand thrown and sculpted, then Raku fired.

Raku Hawk Canopic Jar
Raku Hawk Canopic Jar by Feywood

Goodies for the home. Roddy & Ginger’s cushion cover features the strong hooked beak and powerful eye of an American Buteo.

handmade bird cushion cover
Roddy & Ginger's pillow cover

• • •

Worth mentioning…

Andrew Zuckerman’s video for his book: BIRD. Want.

Desert USA ~ some good info on our favorite carnivore.

Gray Hawk Design ~ touting excellence in object design and fabrication…note the extensive carved flora pattern in the backs of these chairs.

One thought on “Two Hawk Post.

  1. i have a pair of hawks that hang in my neighborhood. it’s awesome to hear them but hard to catch them hanging out-i only have one picture of one of them, but have seen them grow over the past two years while in flight and the rare op of a view on my shed roof out back. i live at 56th street on the east side of Airport blvd in Austin TX. seems to be a bit of a cool bird hang out. there’s also a crane that lives/hangs in the creek nearby. Keep watching, god love the small bastions of faith that these little and big creatures seem to cling to.

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