A Tater in the grass.

Tater—Gadora’s first Etsy commission—delivered recently. How ever did Tater’s Aunt find me, I wondered? My own search on Etsy yielded, “We found 141,811 results for animals.” When slightly prodded, the pup’s Aunt offers, “I was searching Etsy under ‘bulldog.’ I had been looking for something special for my sister for the last few weeks but nothing seemed to jump out at me; then there was your store!!”


She’s referring to Bubbles, the bulldog whose story was posted in July, and whose Animal Print Gadora posted on Etsy. She then sent a slew of pics affirming Tater’s fetching personality. Couldn’t you just lap him up?

Here, Tater at home.

Tater's tongue

Tater amidst his Christmas presents.

Tater at Christmas

Tater outdoors.

Tater in the bushes.

Tater’s Animal Print, like many, hopes to memorialize a pup who has passed. His is a gift for his Mother, who misses him dearly. “He was very special to all of us.”

• • •

This just in. His Animal Print was a gift for the holidays, and Gadora is promised an update upon his unwrapping. “I recv’d the picture – LOVE IT!!!  I cant wait to give it to my sister.”

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