Decorating for dummies…

Turns out this little scrooge had one heck of a holiday, though Martha would scoff at my lack of Christmas-commitment as not a tinsel sparkled, a stocking hung, nor was a light strung in my domain. But, sharing the holiday with good people (both near home, and far) Gadora begins 2010 with warm family fuzzies.

The BFF and I, after an immensely satisfying meal at Musachino, headed home for our own Kriss Kringle. She’d already prefaced the evening with a “gurrrl, I got you the best gift EVER!!!,” so I could hardly wait.

The best part of any gift-exchange is when someone “gets you.” Am I right? With the advent of ‘gift cards’ this once-painful holiday ritual is somewhat over-simplified—Gadora is guilty of getting her Dad one for Sears, at Walgreens. While gift-giving this year was all-around pared down, there is something to be said for the thrill of the hunt. Giving some thing to some one that simply fits is priceless. And folks, the BFF got. this. right.

A girl and her mannequin...

Pinpointing the precise moment Gadora first began adoring dummies—conceivably in 1987 when Mannequin first hit theaters—will prove difficult. Having spent a number of years in the publishing industry, working with models and draping them in clothes, an appreciation for the female form has lingered. It is ultimately impossible to help myself when a naked mannequin stands-in-waiting in a storefront. The camera practically whips itself out.

Not yet certain how I’ll display my girl, nor how she’ll be named, Gadora offers a glimpse at smart decorating… with dummies, natch. Below, a vintage dress form in a modern setting.

Photographer: David Giles

San Francisco’s Polo Ralph Lauren store manager, Cathy Post, began collecting mannequins because she liked how they looked in the store… and now displays them at home.
Cathy Post's place.

For the crafters, thanks to Decor8blog, a story about Cathe Holden’s dress form remade…
Cathe Holden's bust on Decor8blog.

Smaller in scale, a lacquered drawing mannequin—with sidekicks Spot and Tiger—offer whimsy to an otherwise boring table top.

Drawing Mannequin

• • •

In case you’re still curious, view Gadora’s flickr folder with dolls, dummies and dress forms… or link to any of the below stockists for your own in-home mannequin. ~ an ass-orment of anatomically-gifted mannequins ~ where “you pick the parts!” ~ when you’re mad for mannequins, too. ~ what a collection!!!

2 thoughts on “Decorating for dummies…

  1. Yay BFF!!! How awesome is THAT?! I’d say Mod Podge, but then it’s in such great shape I don’t know! I have so much fun with mine blinging it up with jewelry one month, then scarves and brooches the next. I have even wrapped it in a vintage wire dress form (search on my blog!) Congratulations!

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