Dingo and Lexi – rescue pups

In November, Gadora began working with Dingo’s Mom, Beth, to create an Animal Print for Dingo’s adoptive Dad (Beth’s Hubby). She shared her Picasa web album full of Dingo pics and I fell in love. Wait ’til you see her ears!

Dingo on the bed.

While sorting out the details, Beth shared the idea with her sister Kathleen. Then wrote, “she went wild over it and loooved your work, which gave me an idea… she also has a very cute little mutt (supplied by me, of course) that she is devoted to.” Meet Lexi.

Lounging Lexi.

“Dingo is just the best dog ever!! 🙂 Her favorite pastimes are ignoring my ‘commands’, eating trash, acting like she hasn’t been fed in 2 years, and being very cute and disobedient at the same time.  She is also a world-class snuggler and squirrel stalker.”

Dingo on pier

“When I first got her she was so scared of everyone (and everything) she didn’t even know how to get a tummy rub, shaking whenever anyone touched her. Since realizing we (my husband and I) were actually put on this earth just to take care of her, she’s become totally at home with demanding whatever it is she wants at that moment (belly rub, snuggle, treat, walk, etc). We love it :)”

Dingo. Smiling.

“I found Lexi, also a pound-puppy (surprise, surprise!), for my sister Kathleen. Lexi was shy and scared when we first got her, with terrible pneumonia. After more than a week in ICU she was well enough to go home but Kathleen spent many months nursing her back to health. She is now a very happy girl, and totally devoted to her mother. Since recovering she is actually a wild and bouncy girl who only really settles down to be loved.”

Undercover Lexi

“She is like a picture – if you are in the same room her eyes will follow you, searching for a snuggle or a game at any moment. She loves eating apples! She has also met several celebrities (she lives in Manhattan), all of whom have commented on how cute, sweet, and well-behaved she is. I guess she was putting on airs for them because she can be bad when she wants to!!”

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

• • •

The photos that would eventually become their Animal Prints…

Dingo on bed.

Lexi in ball.

• • •

Their Animal Prints were off and running, Gadora sent them both so Beth could hand them out. “Both portraits were the hit of Christmas! There was lots of gushing over both how cute the dogs are, and how great your work is! Hope you had a great holiday. I will send it out to her fan club ;)” Thank you Beth, I’ve posted!

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