Like a million travelers, Gadora spent time in an airport vortex this holiday. On a flight home from Chicago, leafing through a SkyMall mag, I giggled at the ridiculous gadgets one might procure… some requiring more cents than sense, but I digress. The Wisdom Panel DNA testing kit reminded me that I’d not yet posted Riley’s Animal Print.


One of the best parts of these many Animal Prints is getting to know Gadora’s subjects… “Riley is a lovable mixed-breed who is a little over 1.5 years old and has a ton of personality.  If it helps, we have gotten a DNA test, and these are the results:

  • Beagle 37-74% (explains the barking/jumping/general craziness)
  • Maltese 20-36% (explains the biting/guarding/curly white hair)
  • Borzoi 10-19% (shape and size)
  • Poodle 10-19% (black hair)…”

Doesn’t take a DNA test to know Riley is one cute pooch!

Riley’s portrait was a referral from a friend who’d ordered a portrait of Belle and Charlotte (Thank you Holly for spreading the gospel of Gadora!), and would eventually be gifted to Riley’s adoptive parents, Paul and Anne.

Riley up close.

Karey wanted Riley situated in the backyard of Karey’s parent’s house who live on lovely Pine Lake in Fenton Township, Michigan. Great idea! Backyard foliage is better than indoor carpet. Let’s do it!

Pink Lake, Michigan

Riley pre-groomer

The picture we’d make Riley’s Animal Print from… One seriously cute pup!


And Riley’s portrait not quite done…

Riley halfway

Can’t wait to hear how Paul and Anne like Riley’s portrait… keep us posted!

• • •

“This is perfect!  I absolutely love it.  What a terrific representation! I can’t wait to see it in person and watch my parents’ reactions when they open this gift on Christmas.  I’ll keep you posted on what they say. J”

One thought on “Riley.

  1. Karey sent her approval. “My parents absolutely loved it! They didn’t even know that such a wonderful, personalized gift was even possible. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and best wishes in 2010.”

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