Wednesday’s are indeed GOOD days…

Happy Hump Day on the cusp of the last official day of 2009 (always been my fave, especially having discovered my five favorite starlets—myself included—all share the same birth day. Woe are we.) Don’t know about you folks, but Gadora is eager to bid 2009 a big fat good riddance. While I’m completely fortunate in many immeasurable ways, 2009 has not been without want. And some unwanted free time. Tick. Tock.

A talented friend, who is currently in the throes of creating her own nest, turned me onto Young House Love… a darling design duo who happily share their penchant for snappy decor with the rest of us. Their December favorite child post was poignant as I’d recently posted Quentin’s “part 1st child” story, and got to thinking… they want a Burger portrait… the just don’t know it yet. So with my newfangled affinity towards yippy Chihuahuas… Gadora set out to spread some holiday cheer.

The best Burger.

Burger is the star of his own “Hamburger’s House” blog, and makes special appearances in new tees, on top of scrumptious bedding, and all throughout their cleverly appointed house. Gadora’s above Animal Print incorporates an assemblage of a few snaps from The Petersik’s home.

Sherry, Burger’s Mom, received his pet portrait and responded with a loverly email. They are thrilled. And just today* they posted a special thanks on their site. Something in the mail, you say? I’m running out right now!

A handwritten note from the now famous Petersiks and Burger himself. Gadorable, indeed. It now must be said, as a practicing Pescatarian this is one lil’ Burger I would sooooo nibble on.

• • •

*I hadn’t checked their site today, but a friend (and longtime YHL reader) posted on Gadora Wilder’s FB wall, “Hey!! Are you “Steph from Texas”?! Is that super cute painting of Burger, featured today on Young House Love, your masterful creation?!” Yip!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s are indeed GOOD days…

  1. Hi Gadora,

    I saw your painting on YHL and absolutely adore it! Are you available to do painting of doggie friends on commission? I would love to surprise my mom with one.

    Thank you,

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