Mr. Buckles…

In early November an Animal Print-inquiry raced in from Jacksonville, Florida… Caroline hoped for a pup-pic of Moxie for her Sister-in-law. After horsing around with two mini photos of Moxie, Caroline offered, “… you specialize in dogs but do you think you could paint horses? She has some miniature horses…” You kidding? Gadora would LOVE to paint a horse. A paint horse. Get it?

Mr. Buckles in the barn

Caroline also sent a pic of her In-laws’ black lab and lab mix, Nanny and Boo. We will get to those later. “My most favorite thing in the world other than baby giggles is finding the perfect gift for someone. I think I have found winners this year and it makes me so happy!”

Here’s Mr. Buckles wins himself a good grooming.

Mr. Buckles new du

Mr. Buckles snares a mare.

A kiss from Mr. Buckles

And the Snapfish photo used to make Mr. Buckles’ Animal Print from.

Graham Hoecake candids...

Holding my horses ’til Gadora knows how the sis-in-law likes her Mr. Buckles portrait. Sure hope it makes her happy, too.

• • •

“Hi! I love it!!!! My sister-in-law is getting married in January (!!!), so it will probably be a special wedding gift. Look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again. I will be recommending you all around 🙂 Oh, and I really like the creative decision you made on the rope!”

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