Happy holiday pups…

In November Gadora received an Animal Print request from pups’ adoptive Mother. I have a yellow lab who we have had since he was a puppy and a retriever mix* we adopted about 1 1/2 years ago.”

Yellow Lab.
Retriever Mix

A gift for their Dad, Mama had something in mind, “I absolutely love the one you did of “Hershey” up close, personal and so precise.” After a few weeks of emails, and another photo shoot of the happy pups, we settled on the above.

“The one with them in scarves is a really great shot of their faces, it was our Christmas card last year. We also took it on the coldest day of the year….they weren’t too happy…” Happy, no. Fetching? Yes!

Pups in scarves

A cute, quiet moment…

Pups sitting pretty.

Below is the photo we chose for Mister Lab. Gadora cropped in, removed the back yard patio set, and came in close to his mug.

Handsome Lab

And for Mister Retriever Mix…

Sitting Pretty

*The Retriever mix was a rescue dog, saved from abuse and neglect, and their Mama requested Gadora NOT use their real names (which is totally noble, but dern his nickname is adorable!) Gadora posted their mugs on Flickr, while en route to their Mama, I received this: “I LOVE THEM. They brought tears to my eyes, I cannot wait to give them to my husband. Just perfect. Absolutely perfect. I will let you know when I get them in the mail. A thousand thank yous, you rock!”

• • •

Then this… “I received the paintings and had them framed this morning. Once Michael opens them and we hang them i will photograph and email on. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH HOW THEY TURNED OUT. THANK  YOU AGAIN.”

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