Diesel. A Pug’s Mug.

Diesel is a feisty fella. He was “a mere 7 week old Pug—weighing only three pounds and approximately the size of a hamster—and was so adorable when he first came home,” prides his Pop. Diesel, now a three-year-old pup, sports a big attitude.
Diesel with Octopus.

Now happy, this Pug has not been without his pangs. “After being home only a few days he became very ill. Contracting pneumonia (from the big box store from which he was adopted) he spent time in an incubator connected to IVs, very near death… He started getting better and was released only to be home for one day and then had trouble breathing.” After another stay at a different animal hospital, which administered more medicine, he pulled out of it and bit off his IV. He was ready to go home!! “He became quite the little mascot of the employees there.”

Have Pug. Will Travel.

“He’s now a healthy dog and full of energy. He is very attached to his sister Kyley, a Keeshond, and likes to pick on her. He gets his way with his cute little face and comedian like personality. He loves his stuffed animals and snuggling next to his mom on the couch!” Not sure how much he loves his Halloween costumes, though. Wink!

Devil Diesel

“His name definitely fits him as diesels are strong and will run forever!!”

Diesel ~ Half Mug

Here, Gadora renders the pug’s mug in watercolor, applying layers of paint on top of Diesel’s computer-manipulated and printed photo.

Diesel with Penguin.

Diesel’s Animal Print is traveling all the way to Illinois for the holidays. We, especially me, can’t wait to hear how his folks like his watercolor portrait.

One thought on “Diesel. A Pug’s Mug.

  1. Heard word (via Facebook) that, “The print went over very well. “She” had tears in her eyes when she opened it. She is going to make a comment on it on your webpage when she has some time. Thank you again!”

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