Daisy and the case for Doggie Rescue…

Daisy’s Animal Print request came in from New York City. Cute Pooch. Gadora asked her adoptive Mom, Emily, for a few words…”Daisy is a rescue dog, found wandering in the rain a few years ago. We don’t know her breed, but like to think that she is made up of lots of love…” Awwww.


Here’s a close-up of her finished whiskers.

Whisker lickin'

“Daisy is almost 8, but acts like she is still a puppy…”

“She loves to play with the tennis ball, chew toys, run around yapping. She loves to lay on her tummy for tummy rubs and loves any and all attention – especially from a passing stranger. She is the kindest and most loving dog—she gets into mischief quite often—chasing squirrels and skunks, chewing on the furniture or eating your socks. But we know she does it all out of love :)”

Lounging Daisy

For her portrait, Gadora “nudged” Daisy up in the photo and removed a few bits of yard art in the background.

Daisy in the yard.

“She is such a huge part of our family that she walked my Mom down the aisle at my wedding last month!” Daisy. The Flower Girl. Her Animal Print is a gift for the new bride… and arrived this week…

• • •

The portrait came today and is phenomenal!!! Thank you so much, I know that my mother will treasure it!

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