Sick for Sock Monkeys…

This weekend Gadora checked out the ETSY Austin Craft Riot. On a friendly reconnaissance mission of sorts… (how best to market Animal Prints at a craft fair? Would there be room for setting up Gadora’s refashioned furniture?), instead I found LovelyDay Kanzashi head adornments, playful Squid Ink Kollective Narwhal tees and cutesy things from BabyBolt on display, and toured the Wondercraft! And somehow I missed the Sock Monkey Lady

Before going any further, heed this warning… there really is no particular point to this post. I’m not totally sure how I got here, but Gadora had a sock monkey… once. And it’s one of those crafting projects I could actually successfully tackle.
From the beginning...

As with many a great American idea, the Sock Monkey was imported. Images from Africa were surfacing from the European occupation in the late 1800s, and Western folks were becoming familiar with images of exotic creatures…

Wikipedia credits the first emergence of the Sock Monkey, in the early 1930s, to the Nelson Knitting Company in Illinois which are purported to be the first to add the “red” heel. “Around 1951, the Nelson Knitting company discovered that their socks were being used to make monkey dolls. In 1953, Nelson Knitting became involved in a dispute over the design patent on the sock monkey pattern. They were awarded the patent in 1955, and began including the pattern with every pair of socks.”

Thanks to Web-Goddess, who submitted a great HOW-TO on… you can make your own.

Image for Sock Monkey DIY Craft Project
Web-Goddess HOW-TO on Craftbits...

With Target and other great sock resources crafters have an endless array of sock options. A gnarly Mr. T from Blog.Makezine:

I Pity the Fool on Craftster.

A snappy Socktopus from Etsy seller Black Bird Fashion:

Socktopus the Sock Monkey Octopus
Socktopus. Fun to look at. FUN to say.

Perhaps the cheapest sock creatures online from Etsy seller Super Sock Monkeys:
Funky Monkey at SuperSockMonkey on Etsy

And if Sock Monkeys are simply too childish for you, how about a Sock Monkey tee?

sock it to me baby  SOCK MONKEY T SHIRT striped tank top
SocksFifthAvenue tee.

• • •

Sock Monkeys give Gadora the giggles. No monkeying around, here’s plenty more to pique your primate obsession:

MonkeyTown ~ lots of Monkey loot.

Sock Monkey Dreams ~ “Sock Monkey Dreams is the first sock monkey book that gets sock monkeys right — because it’s told by sock monkeys!”

S’monkeys ~ Specializing in Sock Monkey Adoption/Placement. ~ patterns and DIY kits…

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