Santana – Long Haired Chihuahua

Since Rolo’s Animal Print, Gadora has been fanatical about painting the lil’ guys. I had been quite snide about “pocket/purse dogs,” having myself adopted a Bull Mastiff who tipped the scale at 75 pounds in his sixth month, but the love of Rolo’s family turned my ‘tude into something else: utter admiration. Meet Santana.
Santana is a 6-pound, long-haired Chihuahua. His favorite thing? “…Eating and resting on the pillow!!!!”

His New York City owner sent a two images of teensy Santana… both were kind of fuzzy, like Santana himself, but Gadora was determined to make it work… I played with color and contrast and like the outcome.
Santana in the dark.
Santana lounging.

• • •

Santana’s owner jetted off to Japan not moments after his watercolor dried… so I held onto the portrait until after Thanksgiving. With Kaoru back, I shipped Santana off. This just in: “I received his portrait today. It is so perfect and such a great portrait. I am so glad that I could ask you for his portrait. Thank you so much!!!!!”

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