Dreaming of shoe closets…

With each trip to Keller, Gadora totes home another few boxes. Now mostly shoes. In Vegas, they were packed by ‘season’ and in Texas they’ve been worn well. Oh how I missed my boots. The Squeeze doesn’t quite understand my obsession with shoes. No matter. It is very real. Verbalizing how I regularly fantasize about my next great place, where I’ll have a very “Miley Cyrus” kind of office-slash-open-shoe-closet space, I pulled some photos to illustrate…

Miley Cyrus's dreamy closet

Gadora’s color palette would be more subdued, but the idea of openly displaying shoes is very enticing. I’m proud of MY collection, and YOU will all have to look at it. Miley’s huge mirror is a lovely accent. And she has skates too. Love.

It wasn’t until I moved to Park Slope, years ago, that my own collection was first exploited. Turning the teensy bedroom (had a queen-sized bed been in it, there’d be room for nothing else!) into my walk-in boudoir, I utilized a couple of heavy-duty cubicles (with 32 cubbies) from the nearby Target and filled them with my shoes, by function and color, natch!

My closet of shoes...

Gadora stored like colors, similar heel shapes, sneakers, skimmers, etc. all in their clear-box cubbies and saved room for bags. Back in Texas, I plan to design my new closet around the adage, bigger IS better. You’ll see.

My Closet ~ boots collection...

No boudoir is complete without a girlie crystal chandelier. Even Miley knows that. The top shelf supported the rest of my boots. A glorious stint as PR Manager for several notable footwear brands, afforded a girl an enviable collection. It’s not only celebs, or their stylists, who have fab closets, though theirs are indeed more publicized…

• • •

Stylist and shoe designer Elisa Nalin has a few shoes herself. It’s not clear if these are for an editorial shoot, or from her own collection, but the lady has some shoes!

Elisa Nalin's collection

It has long been noted that Mariah Carey has a shoe thing. As evidenced by the below spread, she does glamour good. Her shoes are prominently displayed and easy to get to. Hers, too, sports a chandelier.

Mariah Carey's Closet

Having never seen Christina Aguilara in flats, it’s little wonder she needs a library ladder to reach the upper deck of her closet. What a spread. Though slightly garish, she still knows the idea is to put one’s shoe obsession right out in the open.

Christina Aguilara's closet

There were several online “tips” for snapping your shoes pics and taping them to the front of their original box, but I’ve always been an instant-gratification girl. I want at my shoes. NOW. And after all that, perhaps it is Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, also a Texas girl, who stores hers best. Simple. And Clean.

A Sea Of Shoes

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of shoe closets…

  1. Hey there….good to see you this past weekend. This post makes me want to re-do my closet and everything in it! I am sick of it all, especially my shoes! Fun to look at the pictures and dream!

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