Watercolor pit stop

Gadora’s cousin Stevie comes to town every so often to see about her race car driving beau Casey Smith. This time he’s celebrating a birthday, and she asked me to paint his car. Well, a portrait of his car. And while his technically doesn’t qualify as an “Animal Print,” he’s definitely an animal on the track.

Casey with car

Since my lil’ cuz is so super adorable, and as Nascar is purported to be the No. 1 spectator sport in the US, well, I would make something happen. Gadora has, until this week, never painted a car. Yes, I would so do this.

Stevie emailed some pics and I pieced together “their” portrait. What does he race, Gadora wondered? “Super Late Models, she beamed, “they are like the best thing under Nascar!”

Casey's Smith Excavating & Smith Paving car

“Even Nascar drivers race them and own super late model teams! He will be racing against people like Kyle Busch in a couple weeks!!!” GooOOoo, Casey!

Casey's Car

She then reported, because I inquired, “he loves the challenge in the shop and at the track of engineering things to make the car faster, he loves how competitive super late models are, and the different people he meets that share the same love for the sport that he does.”

Casey Smith

Next up? December’s Snowball Derby. Go Casey. We are all watching.

One thought on “Watercolor pit stop

  1. From Gadora’s cuz: “The painting was amazing and so was the story!!!! We love you and can’t thank you enough… Casey told me it is the best gift he has ever received and he has yet to find its permanent place!!! It has been moved from room to where he thinks it will be viewed the most!!! Lol!!!”

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