Meet Bella.

Meet Bella, the Black Labrador. A “gentle giant” weighing in at 95 pounds, “she was truly one of the most gentle and cuddly dogs,” offers her California Mama Michelle. “Bella and I had been together for 12 years; she was my constant and loyal friend. She provided me and everyone that knew her with love, laughs and affection.” Good dogs do that, don’t they? “She spent a lot of time crawling onto my lap.” Yes, they do.

Bella at home.

Her Animal Print request came in with a smallish photo. Gadora requested another, and asked for a few words on Miss Bella… this was her latest photo.


“I met Bella’s mom, Cody, quite by chance on a clear sunny winter morning. Cody was a large Black Lab. I spoke with Cody’s owner and learned that Cody was pregnant; I knew immediately that I had to have one of her puppies. Cody gave birth, I visited several times and after much puppy playtime I selected Bella.”

“She loved to hike, play with her dog friends and swim. And she loved, loved, loved to fetch sticks at the beach…she was very proficient at riding the waves back to shore.” Now, that’d be a picture!

Bella lounging.
Bella lounging.

“I think of her each day and miss her terribly…”
That about says it all.

One thought on “Meet Bella.

  1. Yes, I too lost a fem black Lab,BettyLou, who loved life to the hilt. Her hips deteriorated in 2 mos & euthanasia followed. I miss her every day and her brother grieved with me. She is in another dimension and no longer has pain.

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