Here we go! Jerome’s in the game.

Pittsburgh. The Smoky City. Iron City. And while technically Steel City is no longer befitting, The City of Champions has held on to their football. Pittsburgh fans have oft been deemed the most loyal in all of footballdom. Even their Fidos are fanatics. Meet Jerome, No. 1 Bichon-Shih Tzu Steelers fan. Yip!


His Animal Print is a compilation of several photos submitted by Brooklyn-resident Sam, for her friend’s birthday. “Little Jerome is wearing a Pittsburg Steelers jersey. She  [birthday girl] is a big Steelers fan.” Earlier, I’d said, “Sure I can paint Jerome, he’s cute in his Bears gear.” I was kindly corrected. Blaspheme.

StripeOnce forgiven for the irresponsible Bears reference, Gadora received a slew of camera phone images, each with a snappy subject line, and each offering additional clues as to Jerome’s personality, coloring and love of sports…

Please ignore the beer.
Thirsty crowd.

“Please ignore the Beer bottles.”

Chargers Post-game.
Chargers Post-game.

“Please ignore my sleeping friend!”

Ear sandwich.

“Please ignore my boyfriend!”

• • •

Pahleeze, Gadora could no more ignore the sentiment of Sam’s bevy of adorable pictures than Blitzburgh could discredit the power of the Terrible Towel. Here we go!

One thought on “Here we go! Jerome’s in the game.

  1. Sent from Samantha:
    It looks amazing!!!! You totally capture his personality! I know my friend will love it! Thanks so much… Thanks again and I’ll get back to you about the other ones I want done for Christmas!

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