Thank you very much Mr. Roboto.

Today, a funny thing happened. Well, it actually started last night when I checked out The Squeeze’s new pad. Though he had a key, the electricity wasn’t on yet, so we lurked about pointing his dim, blue-lit flashlight. His new space is a blank canvas, save for the leftover space-heater, and the little pile of metal parts propped on the porch banister. Gadora fondled a piece (I have no idea what it was intended for) and placed it on the railing so it looked like a set of robot eyes. Cute! He said it would be, “The Keeper of the Porch.”

This morning, too bright and way early, Gadora set out to organize a pile of magazine’s I’d been stashing. As I flipped through an old copy of Tribeza, a lil Austin glossy, I spied an ad for Haven Gallery. Amy Flynn’s “Bashbord” Fobot (not pictured here, or anywhere other than the ad, I looked!) was recognized as featured artist.

Bothesda 2 by Amy Flynn
Bothesda MD by Amy Flynn

Gadora needed more. “Bothesda, MD” (above) upcycles a tobacco tin, pool ball, lamp parts and hydraulic fittings. He was born 10.15.09. You can read more about him on her blog: Amy Flynn Designs.


Amy is adorable, witty and obviously skilled with a soldering iron. Each Fobot is a work of art and according to her site, “numbered with a copper plate on its back bearing the word “FOBOT” and its individual number. We call them butt tags.” I call them irresistable!

Fobots ~ available
Fobots ~ available

Then moments after I logged into my iTunes, as I do most every morning, for a little IndieFeed pick-me-up, I see yesterday’s song, “Robot High School” by My Robot Friend. Really?

Once I finished with the stack of Tribezas and after a happy distraction of Amy’s metal and music, I dug into Newsweek, and this is totally for reals, to find this story… a little serendipitous cyborg action to get a girl’s engine going.

Random Access Memory by Amy Flynn
Random Access Memory by Amy Flynn

Dōmo arigatō for making my day. Amy, you keep rocking it.

• • •

Other robot makers worth checking out:

Christopher Conte ~ work seen on Device Gallery.


Nemo Gould of

Stephane Halleux ~ work seen on Device Gallery.


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