Repurposed piano bench…

Post yoga Monday night, Gadora sifted through a nearby Goodwill for a few items on her list: the right woven basket for that still-in-progress egg-carton tentacle light, a suitable coffee table for a “crackle finish” commission, and anything that “wanted” refashioning. Soaked in sweat, I decided to come back Tuesday for a closer look.

The next evening, clean and clear-headed, Gadora returned for a pair of simple copper planters which read “Made in Turkey” underneath. I wanted the pine coffee table that could pass for an exact match to the one I’d refashioned last spring. Once there, only the planters remained. Noticeably upset, a worker approached and asked if he could help. Not unless you can locate that coffee table, no.

Piano bench ~ BEFORE
Piano bench ~ BEFORE

He disappeared for a moment, and returned with this here piano bench. Hmmmm, not on my list. But with the deal we struck it was practically free, so Gadora now has a lightweight piano bench to refurbish.

StripeWhat ever will I do with it? About the height of a side-table it could snug up to any one of today’s sofas. Or, it might serve as a bedside table with a secret top compartment to stash certain unmentionables. What to do?

Cottage bench at Better Homes & Gardens
Cottage bench at Better Homes & Gardens

Gadora could go shabby chic. Paint it white, distress it and call it a day, though sadly the lines on mine aren’t as interesting as the one featured on Better Homes & Gardens.

Checkered piano bench
Checkered piano bench

This paint job reveals this bench’s checkered past (and owner’s love of chess?). Cute, but not quite Gadora.

Chalk board piano bench on Flickr

Giving into my insatiable obsession with chalkboard paint (and yes I bought bright red!), I adore this idea. Kids love furniture that moves, and the lid allows easy access to books, colors, chalk. It’s just about the right height for pipsqueaks to sit and tinker for hours, no?

Rick Milburn's leather strip bench
Rick Milburn's leather strip bench

As featured on LaughingBoy, Rick Milburn’s braided belt furniture rocks. The above bench (I’m cheating, it’s not really a piano bench) is something else with its brilliantly hued top, double drawers and distressed wood base. Love it anyway!

Music in the garden
Music in the garden

As featured on PoeticHome, stuffing the bench with moss and taking it outside is an interesting way of commingling objects we’d normally see both inside and out… but rarely ever together. This idea I’ll skip, as my thumbs are dirty with paint and far from green. But it’s definitely worth noting. Get it?


One thought on “Repurposed piano bench…

  1. i really love the kids table idea, especially since they can stash stuff inside — so long as they don’t drop the top on their fingers. with that chalkboard paint it could be just so perfect!

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