Slipper chairs for the boudoir…

My BFF recently added a simply lovely four-poster bed from Four Hands in her master suite. There’s ample space for a seating area in her expansive room, Gadora proposes, and inquired, “How do you feel about slipper chairs?” She likes. Scoured the internets yesterday looking for both inspiration, and an affordable option, so I might present several for The BFF to consider…

Suzie Page on Apartment Therapy
Suzie Page on Apartment Therapy

Late yesterday Apartment Therapy posted a house tour by Austin’s own Adrienne Breaux and it is LOVELY. While the wall color is stunning, it is the pairing of the room’s two feminine chairs that caught my eye. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a slipper chair as “an armless upholstered chair with short legs. Originally used in the bedroom, slipper chairs are now used as accent seating in living rooms, family rooms and even offices.”


The BFF is no girlie-girl but she likes nice things, and Gadora imagines a tiny respite in her private boudoir is just what the Buddha ordered. While the pair in the Austin home were tufted (and gorgeous!), my girl needs hers more streamlined. Less fussy.

Mecca at
Mecca at

The Asian-inspired upholstery on this slipper chair pairs nicely with its sleek modern lines. It’s the kind of piece that can happily sit in a home for many years, then welcome an update of new fabric later on. These also tie-in with her blood red lacquered side cubes currently functioning as bedside tables.

Tapered Chair Cocoa Blooms
Tapered Chair Cocoa Blooms

With virtually the same print (you’ll have to check out the detail shots on Overstock’s site to be sure), this slipper chair is lower slung and less expensive. It gives the same  serene feeling and works with the rooms’ lush chocolate and ivory linens.

Kelly Wearstler Chair Duo
Kelly Wearstler Chair Duo

To wet her wild whistle, I show her this pair upholstered in Kelly Wearstler, Imperial Trellis, from Tonic Home. The girl loves green. They’d sit nicely outside her terracotta painted master bath. But (even on sale) they’d have to ‘make the bed’ for that price.

Ikat pair at Urban Outfitters
Ikat pair at Urban Outfitters

A fun (and much less expensive) alternative, the print on the Ikat* slipper at Urban Outfitters is fabulously playful, and Gadora adores that it’s Made in the USA. While the BFF hasn’t any other blue in her room, this serves to brighten the mood. (*Ikat print was a huge fashion trend last spring, and is still a novel way to dress up one’s living space.) Gadora also found a remarkably similar chair for almost $100 less at Amazon.

We also found an off-white pair on Craigslist yesterday, VERY well priced. While she’s still tinkering with the idea of a sitting room in her space, I’ll keep looking for just the right slipper for that Cinderella.


4 thoughts on “Slipper chairs for the boudoir…

  1. i am very tempted by the ikat chairs, but i don’t know how much you can get excited made in the USA when Urban Outfitters (and Athro) support anti-gay and anti-abortion causes

  2. Check out Target too — they did a whole series of slipper chairs with Thomas Paul fabrics for $299. Bet they’re not made in the USA, though.

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