The ballad of Bosley Headward…

Bosley’s Animal Print request* came via a local Austin designer, “I desperately want to get a painting of my dog, Bosley. He’s my baby and best friend, and unfortunately he is now in the last stages of liver cancer with only a few weeks to live.”

Since Emily’s request and this posting, Bosley lost his battle with liver cancer, she had called the day before to confirm his portrait. Gadora hopes this post, along with his Animal Print, will serve as an ode to Bosley.


After initial request, Emily directed me to her Facebook page where she proudly displays 4 pages of Mister Personality. They reveal Bosley’s proclivity towards dress up… They admittedly entertained me for an hour, and inspired a few words, too.


The Ballad of Bosley Headward.

In heart-shaped glasses Bosley looked away… he could steal your heart on every day.
He wore a country grin under a cowboy hat, and a smug mug in a Luchador mask.
Silenced under a bunny-ear hoodie, or pensive in neck scarf and felted booties.
While comfy in others’ clothes, it was naked as a Jay bird he wore his heart-shaped nose.

• • •

Heart-shaped nose
Heart-shaped nose

Ears pressed back Bosley looks the guilty party. What did you doooooOOOooo? Stinker.

Bosley with toy
Bosley with toy

The below image inspired his portrait. To ensure Bosley was a little more center stage, Gadora added another inch of “house” on top of his picture, then cropped some grass out of the bottom.

Bosley in the garden
Bosley in the garden

Once complete, I hand-delivered Bosley to Threshold Furniture and Design. I’m proud of how he turned out and look forward to what his Mama thinks.

*Thank you Adrienne for the reference.

2 thoughts on “The ballad of Bosley Headward…

  1. Why did you have to make me cry??? ;o)

    Thank you so much again….it pleases me to no end that just a few photos of my boy could inspire words like that. I really wish you could have met him….it seems crazy you didn’t because you captured his spirit and soul perfectly. He was beyond patient with me and the silly things I put on him….but it was that stoic bravery and peacefulness that you captured in the portrait that will remain with me forever.

    You really have made one of the most difficult times in my life a little better. I’m forever grateful.


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