Not so mellow yellow…

Late last week a dear friend won on ebay, with an admirably low bid, this marvelous Mid-century modern yellow Drexel credenza. Beforehand she sent its picture around, wondering if we liked it too. Oh, YEAH! Get it girl, I hoped.

Drexel credenza
Drexel credenza

It is a lovely yellow dresser. And when she sent around the “I won!!” email, I was even more elated. It’s yellow. It’s long. And it’s perfect for her space! Happy, happy.

Today’s gloomy day outside of Dallas challenges my happy place. Sure, there’s the homemade cookies she and I made this weekend, the left-over Maltese doggie kisses, and my almost-finished project in the garage. But it’s not yellow. This drippy weather makes me blue.

StripeWe talked design. We talked a lot! Yellow in the home has been a big, big deal this year. (Purple’s day is next.) We giggled how long ago styles of design defined a decade, but now, like much else…the world spins quickly and the must-haves of this season are out the next. So, while it lasts, here’s a little sunshine. This mango wood 6-leg accent table is distressed and Moroccan-inspired and would sit perfectly in an entry-hall, beside a sofa or near a bed.

Yellow side-table
Yellow side-table

This Victorian chair on Etsy is a beauty with its tufted back and glossy black legs. And cute, their description… “Simone is a modern twist on this classic shape and design, and would brighten up even the rainiest of days.” Touché.

Victorian chair on Etsy
Victorian chair on Etsy

Found this tufted headboard at Neiman Marcus. A chartreuse suede leather covers the maple headboard underneath. Set amongst a modern room, the graphic stitching on the linens mimic the room’s mod paper. Gadora would stretch a happy morning stretch, each and every day, waking up in this nest.

1Picture 2
Old Hickory chartreuse headboard

Moving more mod, like my friend’s credenza that inspired this post, is the funky 50s-inspired Dandelion paper by British retailer John Lewis. Very Mad Men, no?

Dandelion paper at John Lewis
Dandelion paper at John Lewis

Not entirely bright yellow, this pair of metal Mid-century Lemonade chairs, in chartreuse Knoll Bouclé, at my fave Austin shop Spruce, is Gadora’s final sunny offering. Today is THE perfect day to warm one’s spirit by snugging up in one of these with a good read. Love.

Lemonade chair at Spruce
Lemonade chair at Spruce

• • •

Today’s post gives Gadora a happy face. If it’s not bright and cheery outside, it can always be inside with a plenitude of yellow accents. “I made a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper, because it was sunshiny and bright,” said Harvey Ball, credited with the Happy Face and founder of World Smile Day, held in early October and dedicated to “good cheer and good works.” A stolen weekend with my friend leaves me with a happy face, and a warm heart.

One thought on “Not so mellow yellow…

  1. That is a lovely post about my favorite color – next to red or purple, depending on the day! I agree, yellow makes me happy too.

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