Hunting Halloween…

You won’t catch me decorating for any holiday as I am no fan of crap in or around the house. Long ago I’d sometimes saunter off, and there was that one time in Central Park, and drag home a Charlie Brown twig of a tree. Not Hallmark, nor Pottery Barn, or any big box store is gonna make me decorate. And I’m sure not going to drag it out into the yard for YOU to ogle at. I could give a hoot what the neighbors say.

Creepy Austin yard
Creepy Austin yard

Well, this is Austin. The neighborhood goes all out with its ghoulish garb. Driving past the above horror scene my BFF quipped, “D’you see this? Shu-hu-hure know they’re not part of any HOA’s…’cause they’d be in trouble!” Suppose just ’cause I’m a Scrooge doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the spookishness of Hallows Eve, on someone else’s turf, but can Halloween decor be done with class?


Spooky spirits at GrandInRoad
Spooky spirits at GrandInRoad

Keep it simple? Singularly themed wind-blown ghosts are lit and staked and might pack into a small box when they’re done scaring off any potential trick-or-treaters. DIY-ers save yourself a bundle by making these ghouls yourselves.

Outdoor Halloween Decor
Outdoor Halloween Decor

Monochromatic yard art? A big fan of doll parts, I almost dig this white picket porch make-over where only the skeleton and doll legs hint at color. The folks have even blocked their door. Sorry kids, no treats for you.

Diablo Ninebark
Diablo Ninebark

Gothic Garden? I’ve always been fond of the idea of black in the garden. A glossy urn featuring a whiskered Bat flower. Thorned Roses. Indigo-violet Iris. Bugleweed. Blood red Aeonium. Not holiday-specific, you can scare your neighbors all year round! This shrubby Diablo Ninebark explodes into puffs of flowers, though in mid-summer. Course I’m no green thumb, so crispy black plants would do best in my yard.

Ghost cookies at Pinch My Salt
Ghost cookies at Pinch My Salt

Ghoulish Goodies? While I’m hard-pressed to add a frightful thing to my surrounding decor, Gadora is ALWAYS up for a cookie. Thanks Pinch My Salt for posting. I may get into the spirit after all…

• • •

Some indoor decor worth mentioning:
Better Home & Garden’s Ghoulish Gothic Halloween Party
Dave Lowe’s Of Specimens and Jars…
All Hallows Design… All Halloween, All The Time


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