Before & After ~ Ethan Allen side-table

Sometimes a piece of furniture has just given all it can. That’s when Gadora moves into action. This piece, a score from Austin decor and design shoppe Susan Lee Interiors, had been propped in the garage for the whole of the long, hot summer. Last week it got its wings.

Side-table ~ BEFORE
Side-table ~ BEFORE

Ethan Allen side-table with carved scroll detail and shell front. What did it hope to be?


I’d scored some lovely wallpaper in the spring, with flower and bird motif, and thought this Ethan Allen table was the perfect piece to try it on. The paint treatment needed to match the paper. I applied a rich java brown top coat, then once dry applied a second, olive layer. The details of the carved scrolls and shell were sanded to reveal their depth, then a light sage was dry brushed and strategically wiped off.

Second coat and shell close-up
Second coat and shell close-up

Gadora cut similarly sized pieces, carefully folding the wallpaper on top of side-table and drawer front, then pressed into wood to make an indention in the paper. Once the  trimmed sizes were just right, I decoupaged the pieces with my trusty Mod Podge and ran the brayer across to flatten paper to surface and squeeze out excess glue.

Wallpaper placed and glued
Wallpaper placed and glued

The drawer pulls, while sufficient, lacked personality… until I brushed them with the sage paint and wiped off  the excess. Now they mimic the playfulness of the paper’s sketchy lines and closer together, sit really well with the carved scroll work. A top coat of clear polyurethane covered entire surface, then buffed off.

Drawer pulls ~ BEFORE and AFTER
Drawer pulls ~ BEFORE and AFTER

• • •

Close-up of Thibaut (pattern: T-5836) wallpaper print. The pink roses from our garden are nestled in discarded bottle vases. Pretty, oh so pretty.

Close-up of

The refashioned Ethan Allen side-table. It appears to be part of Ethan Allen’s “Maison” collection, but Gadora hasn’t otherwise found a thing. It pairs nicely with a traditional sofa, or in a room of antiques. Can’t wait to see it placed…

Side-table ~ AFTER
Side-table ~ AFTER

5 thoughts on “Before & After ~ Ethan Allen side-table

  1. You are so creative. We have ties boxed and ready to mail. Is your address the same one you gave me in Sept?
    Love you!

  2. Great job! I see it as a bedside table to a bed dressed in luscious layers – either tailored or fluffy, girly. It offers so many pretty colors to work with.

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