Sonny and Rosie…

Often, pups come in pairs. However the story goes, we love dogs so much sometimes we add another one (or three) to our homes. Though these pups travel in a pack, their Animal Print pairing required a little Photoshop finagling first. Via email Laura inquired, “I am interested in having you paint a picture of my parent’s dogs as a gift for my father. Is it possible to paint both dogs in the same picture?”

Sonny and Rosie in the garden
Sonny and Rosie in the garden

Sure! Meet Sonny, an ornery Shih Tzu rescue dog, and his elder Cairn Terrier sidekick, Rosie.


In getting their proportions just right, Laura and I went e-back and forth on their height and girth. “Sonny is…maybe 25 pounds? Rosie looks like a mailbox (that is what I called her when she was younger and more stout) with shorter legs. They are both such different shapes (the pointed face vs. flat face) it is hard to tell.” Do you love Rosie sticking out her tongue?! (I do.) Stinker.

Rosie and Sonny
Rosie and Sonny

Turns out Sonny and Rosie are indeed a famous duo. (Makes us wonder if The Birthday Dad rocks out!) Originally thinking of referencing another “Sonny” combo in this post—Sonny and Cher—Gadora found a Rockabilly performance by Sonny (Burgess) and Rosie (Flores) combo.

• • •

Before I sent their pet portrait to Dothan, home of The Birthday Dad, I sent Laura a scan of the original. Her response? “OMG—I DO LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you SOOO much!!! You really captured them perfectly!” Their print will arrive today. Can’t wait to hear what Dad says.

4 thoughts on “Sonny and Rosie…

  1. Oh!!! Thank you for the accolade. I do hope they’ll send a pic of the pups framed… “Stephanie, We received the fabulous picture of Rosie and Sonny and Bruce [the Birthday Dad] loved it!!!! We both think you really captured their personalities. Yesterday I took it to the frame shop and we can hardly wait to get it back so we can put it in a prominent place!! Thank you. You are extremely talented. Suzanne”

  2. This is the the PERFECT gift for any animal lover! Stephanie does such amazing work and captures the personality of the dog perfectly. My father said that he “got chills” when he saw the picture. What better gift than something that is so personal and special. ALso, it was such a pleasure working with Stephanie. It is apparent that she takes great pride and care to get the picture exactly right!

  3. Thanks to Laura who sent this last night. “My father got the picture today — just called — and absolutely LOVES IT!!!! He wants to blow it up big and put at the end of the hall in his office! He couldn’t be happier or have gotten a better gift! Thank you again — and again, it was so nice working with you.” Thank YOU Laura. Much.

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