An ode to Octopi

Gadora had a good, long video chat with her Mama yesterday. She’s in Sudan for two years, and I don’t like it one bit, except I concede she and her Hubs are wildly adventurous, and brave. Texas’ relentless summer heat had me in a furniture-refinishing-funk. It’s October now, I’ve got no excuse, and my mother told me so. We e-worked through my list of outstanding projects. Tie chair refurbished, check. Flowerdy lamp, sold. But what color should I paint this thing? Oooh, that’s a good idea for that!

We also filled one another in on the goings-on. She’d visited a lovely African market. And vacuumed stripes of thick red dust off the lampshades. She’d stumbled into a Sudanese hair salon inquiring about a new du, only she doesn’t speak Arabic, yet. I saw Whip It. Oh yeah, I’m thinking hard about my Roller Girl name. I held up my showy Octopus cuff by local artist Joey Marez, so she could see.

Octopus Cuff by Joey Marez
Octopus Cuff by Joey Marez


I’d also crashed an Austin craft night with my collected pulpy egg cartons. The mostly all-knitting crew was marginally inquisitive, as I hadn’t a hook with me and was armed with only an inkling of what the parts would become. Mom and I giggled as I divulged my stupid insecurities about the night. “Oh, you’ll make an egg-masterpiece-thing,” she guffawed. Why is this a project? I digress.

Armed with my cuff, I’m now spying pirate stuffs everywhere. So, I spent my youth in Tampa Bay—the home of Gasparilla—and this is the first time ever I’m privy to National Talk Like a Pirate Day and… we’re on the verge of Hallows Eve, I sense there’s a seamen-themed obsession in Austin. Etsy sellers love Cephalopods, too. For me, it manifests itself in the form of tentacles.

Thank you DesignSponge for your recent post. I WILL familiarize myself with frisket.

Will Means Octopus table on DesignSponge
Will Means Octopus table on DesignSponge

So on this cold and damp October day, I’ve had my egg-carton eureka moment… rather than craft them into a lighted, flowery dripping of egg-carton pods, why not turn them sideways and make my own interpretation of a tentacled suction-cupped Octopod?

Egg carton pods on their side
Egg carton pods on their side
Egg carton pods dusted with copper
Egg carton pods dusted with copper

Aye, by the powers… me project will rock.

• • •

For other octopus ideas to fill your space…
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