Belle and Charlotte…

My dearest friend’s Poodle lost her year-long battle with a brain tumor, and then a multitude of ugly side-effects, yesterday. Ooooh dear. There just isn’t a thing one can possibly say to make it any better for my grieving friend. But that was one loved Poodle.

Back in June, Gadora received a request for a pup who’d passed just the day before. Belle (closest to the water) and her pupster-pal Charlotte loved to frolic at their doggy park by the lake. In looking through my Animal Print archives and stopping on my friend’s Poodle, I also discovered I’d not properly posted Belle and Charlotte’s portrait on Gadora.

Belle and Charlotte at the beach
Charlotte and Belle at the beach


“We sadly just lost our dog Belle yesterday so I know my parents would love to have something to remember her by. I have a quick question, I love the first picture below of Charlotte and Belle standing side by side with the water in the background (my parents live in Evanston along the Lake, the dogs are at the Dog Park!)…”

Charlotte and Belle not looking at the camera...
Charlotte and Belle not looking at the camera...

“But I was wondering if you are able to paint Belle’s face so that it matches Charlotte (the first dog). The second picture is of Belle, via iPhone.”


• • •

Before sending their portrait to Holly’s parents, I sent her an email of the final watercolor. “LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! I will totally let you know how the parents response but they will love it! Thank you so much Steph, this is so special for me!” As soon as I post, I’ll send to Holly. Looking forward to hearing their reaction…

One thought on “Belle and Charlotte…

  1. Today Gadora received this forward from Holly’s parents, “We LOVED our portrait of Belle and Charlotte and will treasure it always. Thanks, Holly and Gadora!” And from Holly herself, “My mom has been stalking the perfect frame for it, they simply love it!”

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