Angus the Corgi

This pup reminds me of one my roomie brought to our home in college. We named him Trailer, as in Park. Little did we know our super-soft, sweetie-pie puff-ball would grow up to be a Corgi… and finely resemble a vintage, long and low-slung Airstream. Angus, a Columbus, Ohio resident, is also a Corgi and is “9 months old and quite a happy guy.” No longer a meat-eater* I was intrigued to see who this Angus was. Little man with a big name.


StripeHis Mama emailed a slew of pictures proving her “happy guy” claim. She offered many options… “wanted [me] to get a flavor for his expressions (usually sweet or ornery or sweet and ornery)!”

Angus - close-up
Angus - close-up

In letting his Mama (Lisa) know Angus’ Animal Print was on its way, she replied, “I think I’ll give it to my husband for his birthday even though it is really for me!” Teehee. Her husband didn’t want a dog, “so I thought I could bring him into the fold if he got to name the pup!  He’d already come up with the name Angus (even though it is Scot not Welsh) because corgis are cattle herders by trade.”

Angus seated.
Angus seated.

Well, Angus—the portrait—has been delivered… and he is loved! “I love the picture – it really captures Angus’s spark.  He’s a cute little guy and the picture is wonderful!  Thanks so much!”

• • •

*In talking to a few other veggie converts, Gadora has found they often express a strange and unyielding urge to eat bacon too. Crispy, salty, yummy bacon. And for the record, while bacon sometimes wants to be in my belly, I would NEVER eat Angus.

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