Fur ball round-up…

While Gadora was on set in a NYC photo studio, the photographer revealed her new series—artistically photographed tufts of animal hair. Magnified like a hundred, hair actually does make for an interesting composition. Later, feeling more comfortable, she offered, “do you want to see it?” Um. Yes? She disappeared, then returned holding a BOWLING ball-size felted ball of cat hair she’d been working on for years. I totally touched it. Years later, I’m not sure which is more alarming… the girth of that ball? Or that I didn’t think “it” odd.

There’s A LOT of fur up in this house. One super cute poop-eating pooch. An often cantankerous domestic short hair. And two, exceptionally fluffy (and by that I also mean overweight) cats. We. All. Shed. Even with the extraordinary Hoover canister vacuum (which makes suck-time loads of fun), hair removal is a never-ending battle. Recently my squeeze sent this link, Amelia Santiago’s brilliant take on a pet portrait.

Big and Little Kitty
Big and Little Kitty

My Snarly Harley’s days are numbered. He’s had roughly 6,265 of them already, and short of contacting a taxidermist when he departs planet earth, Amelia’s lifelike portraits might suffice in keeping him near (and my name out of the paper?) If I collected the cat hair from my own kitties, could she felt them into lil caricatures? If she can’t, VIP Fibers will and I’ll send her the yarn! And so I too have turned a creepy corner. Never you mind. My felines adore their extra long brushings, and I enjoy their each and every day.

Harley and Peepers cat hair
Harley and Peepers cat hair

Today, as I heard one cat hurling what promised to be an impressive hairball outside my office, Gadora got to thinkin’. What ELSE can a crafter do with fur balls? Though her fur ball installation has long since drifted, Katrin Paul’s elevates the subject to high art. Thanks Modern Cat for bringing this to our attention.

Katrin Paul's Fur Ball (as Thundercloud)
Katrin Paul's Fur Ball (as Thundercloud)

Here, I’m not totally sure what we’re reading… but I also have a weak spot for finger puppets. Fur ball finger puppets are a win-win. Watashi to Tokyo gives you the how-to…

Cat hair finger puppet at Nekoke.com
Cat hair finger puppet at Nekoke.com

And why not wear a sweater made from our animals fur? It’s not as if we don’t already! If you’re not up for a hands-on pet project of your own, N’ann Harp of Pet Yarn Chic will (for a few clams) spin your pet hair into yarn, or create something from their extensive catalog.

Pet Yarn Chic at People's Pets
Pet Yarn Chic at People's Pets

While I’m not totally a fan of these designs, it appears as if the folks at Catty Shack Creations have been lurking about my house and cat-nabbing our fur.

Catty Shack Creations
Catty Shack Creations

• • •

Here’s an inFURmative list of links for turning your own pet hair obsession into something mainstream:

• Judi Jetson (love it!) offers a paw-by-paw how-to spin with car hair.

Getcrafty.com’s tips on making felt from your own pets.

• And the best one yet, craftzine’s needle felted Pet Replica, with Your Pet’s Own Fur!

4 thoughts on “Fur ball round-up…

    1. Not sure why that’s happening. But try adding your email address to the top right spot “Gadora in your box! Enter your email addy to get Gadora.” and see if that works! DO LET ME KNOW.

  1. Harley’s blessed life span is amazing! I am just thrilled to hear you have been able to enjoy such an incredibly long companionship with him! 🙂

    This posting is a very creative way to memorialize him! too cool!

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