At Home in East Austin

"R" marks the spot.

Name: Rachel, Jezebel and Lola
East Austin
1,550 sq. ft.
Years in: 9

In a cozy East Austin neighborhood, the scarlet letter “R” marks the spot. Built in 1935 and rumored to have moved to its current location in the ’50s, the house stands apart from its modest mid-century neighbors, and the mystery of its origins tickle its owner pink. The muted turquoise exterior and lilac-trimmed windows only foreshadow the whimsy inside. (Click on pics to take a closer peek!)

Living room and storage close-up

Rachel describes her 7 room, 1 bath house as, “Hyde Park style via the East Side ghetto…with a splash of porn and a lot of hidden yarn.” A fierce knitter, admittedly not monogamous in her projects, she finds clever spots to conceal her craft. The diamond plate truck storage box serves as both yarn storage and coffee table.

Rachel's dining room

While thirties’ homes hadn’t ample storage, she fell in love with the home’s built-in cupboard and original dining room crystal chandelier. A vintage metal dentist’s cabinet was rescued to serve as a yarn barn, but too-shallow drawers keep it free from fiber.

Room with a view.

The chrome table and metal chairs (which she refinished herself) snug up to a grand window overlooking a vine-layered yard which provides the right light for some heavy knitting.

Tick Tock.

Her favorite piece in the house? The clock in the dining room-slash-craft room, made by the owner’s late Mother. “An old school house clock that [she] collaged … was one of the only items that I asked for from her incredible collection of antiques and oddities.”

Kitschy kitchen

A house held together by “spit and love,” it was admittedly a “very expensive and arduous renovation process.” Rachel began with both the kitchen and bath. The house also sported all-wood paneling, which she and her then husband removed to find two layers of cloth wallpaper. The house now features brightly hued sheet-rocked walls, exposed hard-wood floors and the checker-board tile in the kitchen.

Gallery hallway...

Off the hallway, which serves as a sort-of dimly lit gallery space of naked ladies, concert posters and soft-porn images, you’ll find her double-door bath. The house itself numbers 16 doors, making furniture placement a challenge. There’s a scratchy reminder on the bathroom door that she shares her home with pooches Jezebel (Rottweiler) and Lola (Pit Bull) .

The Bath.

Sparing you a view of Rachel’s “other” favorite piece—the claw foot tub she had enameled in deep blood red—in favor of these bathroom views… as Apartment Therapy viewers were none-too-kind about her kitschy potty-room humor. But it’s a BIG tub, roomy enough for a few guests, and she likes it that way.

The Boudoir...

Finally, “The Master Sweet” carries the deep red from the bathroom, and is cozy and charming in its darkness. Small collections of trinkets, candles, mini Topo Chicos, and a big bowl of spectacles are displayed throughout the space… the better to knit with, of course.


9 thoughts on “At Home in East Austin

  1. You did a fabulous job!! Love your creativity and would love to see some of your knitting projects. love and success to you, betty jane (sometimes prefaced by “aunt”)

  2. Hi Rachel –
    Loved seeing your home – your dad (my mom’s cousin, which makes us related in some way…) sent the link. I love to see people doing bold things with their living spaces, since I lack creativity in *that* area. You give me incentive 🙂

  3. Rachel, your mom would be very impressed, I see parts of Carol all over (not just the clock, which I remember). So creative and slick, great job, love, leslie from Saratoga days

  4. Love the colors, the big “R” and the clock! An inspired creation and a brilliant job of assembling such an exciting eclectic mix of treasures.

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