“Tie Chair” on Apartment Therapy

From last week’s family Motor Coach (my peeps call it “The MC”) trip to Alabama, Gadora posted one lone phone pic of the coming-together “tie chair” on her Facebook page. Days on the road with The South’s spotty cell service produced a certain panic I’d never be online again, but I distracted myself from cyber space with some very real hands-on stitching of the seat. When I finally reached a more reliable hot spot, I found Adrienne Breaux of All Things Austin Design had inquired about featuring said chair, upon completion, on Apartment Therapy< click to read her article.

Gadora Wilder on Apartment Therapy
Gadora Wilder on Apartment Therapy

• • •

Uh. Yeah. That would totally rock!! Back in Texas Gadora supplied Adrienne with a few photographs, while sorting out the process for a handy “how-to” write-up. It’s wildly appropriate her post referenced “granny chic decor” as the Alabama trip included TWO of MINE: 1) “Grammie” – 85 years old – who traveled in The MC with us, and 2) “Grandmother” – 90 – who we were heading to see. Gadora has some good genes.

THANK YOU ADRIENNE for your continued support.

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