Dynamic Duo ~ Cody and Abby

Two pooch pictures arrived, via Grand Rapids, with a request as an anniversary gift. Cody, mostly Golden but some Newfoundland, is an 8-year-old with 105 pounds of love. He relishes his naps, and generally rises for walks and boat rides.

Cody. He's on a Boat, Man.
Cody. He's on a Boat, Man.

Abby, a rescue dog, is surmised to be a Golden/Husky mix around 5-years-old. A very curious and quick-witted pup Abby’s owners feel sure her upbringing was less than ideal. Her current “favorite thing” is to keep the property secure. But Abby earned the nickname “Vengeful Shitter” when she first arrived thinking she owned the house, and would leave a pile of poo if locked outside a room. Stinker! Her Mama confides, “She’s actually quite a lover now!”



Now, “both dogs will do all their tricks to get peanut butter or any homemade biscuits with peanut butter.” These photos were snapped when the family was on their boat with some friends and their kids…

Going Fast, Man.
Going Fast, Man.
Abby along the shore.
Abby's a Good Girl, now.

• • •

Denise just offered, “received the pictures last week – they’re great! You’ve captured Abby & Cody beautifully. I shared them with some of my co-workers, they were very impressed. I’m sure my husband will love them. Thanks again.” Gadora’s anxiously awaiting Dave’s take…

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