Generals Bradley and Rudder…

Houston resident Stephanie requested two Animal Prints of her beloved pups General Bradley and General (James Earl) Rudder (the pups have dropped the formalities of their military status and are  generally happy as Bradley and Rudder, respectively). A resident of Austin, would Gadora paint an Aggie background? Only recently in Longhorn territory, and dare I say a bigger fan of the arts than sports, I assured Stephanie I’d made no alliances with any team and would be happy to oblige. Besides, it is General Rudder who is credited with allowing women to attend Texas A&M.

Generals Bradley and Rudder
Generals Bradley and Rudder

For the second Animal Print, Stephanie chose something indisputable. Her frosty white Maltese pooches, sunning themselves, are sure a precious site. Gadora painted two of this very image, and loved the slight variations that came with each stroke of the brush and wispy dabble of paint.

Gens Rudder and Bradley
Gens Rudder and Bradley

StripeStephanie requested Gadora deliver the final portraits to a friend. With a “they look great” nod from her friend, she’s been eager for me to post them online. (Usually Gadora only posts after they’ve arrived to rightful owner! Not wanting to spoil any surprises as they speak volumes in person!)

Aggie option No. 2
Aggie option No. 2

• • •

Sunny Boys
Sunny Boys

Looking forward to Stephanie to see her pups’ portraits up close. I’m sure she’s ready for a snuggle from her lil Generals.


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