Bubbles. Framed.

Gadora long ago fell in love with an English Bulldog, at a vet in The Big D, while sitting patiently with my Bull Mastiff Tucker. Tucker unknowingly taunted the waiting rooms’ fraidy cats, lazily sniffed pooches and mesmerized the patrons. “He is SOOO big,” they’d all gasp. Then the room fell silent as an ottoman-sized Bulldog entered the room. Absolutely adorable, he stood a standard 14″. But his girth—whoa—his GIRTH! Easily as round as he was long, I adored his labored grunts, but narrow-eyed his owner and pursed my lips in contempt for her care of him. They were there for a reason, and he would soon be whipped into shape. But I digress…

When Bubbles’s Animal Print request came in, Gadora recalled the Bulldog I long ago loved so briefly, and delighted in painting his much healthier look-a-like. What with the number of Animal Prints Gadora has completed as gifts, there are still a few folks she’s not heard from (and you know who you are!). Marci who sent the darling photo of Bubbles wrote to say, “Susie loved, loved, loved your portrait of Bubbles. She was very moved by it and said it was the best present she had ever received. But she didn’t receive it until just recently because I had it framed first and then we couldn’t organize our schedules to meet up right away so I could bestow the beauty upon her.”

Bubbles FRAMED
Bubbles FRAMED

Thank you Marci for sending Bubbles to me. I adore how you framed her. And, here’s what Suzie had to say, “I love it.  You are an amazing artist and your portrait of Bubbles is adorable and gorgeous and captures her completely.  I love your use of color and light.  I love Bubbles’ expression.  And I love her nose and muzzle and ears.  It is so cute!  This is the most thoughtful gift that I have ever received in my life.  I cannot thank you enough for taking the care you did to execute the portrait so expertly. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

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