Mid-Century Modern in Tulsa.

Recently Gadora traveled to Tulsa to see about her Mom. I like Tulsa (and love my Mama!). T-town is quiet, though Frank Lloyd Wright left an indelible mark with his “Westhope” home. Moments after touch down my Mama beamed, “we’ve got something to show you,” and whisked Gadora off to Mod50s Modern, a busy warehouse shop on East 15th.

50sMod on E. 15th, Tulsa
Mod50s on E. 15th, Tulsa

Sadly, we found the shop closed upon our arrival. Still pressing our noses to the glass where we spied a set of clear Tulip Chairs by Saarinen, *Bettye rolled up and honked, “Hello. We are closed, but can I let you in?” We declined, after a lengthy conversation about the weather, their wares, the owner Maurice and J. Jay McVickers, saying we’d see her tomorrow.

Pair of chairs
Pair of chairs

The following day we found *Bettye and Mod50s Modern FULL of furniture. Little ruggy vignettes gave way to high ceilings and enough stuff (floor to ceiling) to keep a girl busy for a loooooong time.

Have a seat.
Eames Herman Miller Eiffel base bikini chairs with Eames Herman Miller coffee table

Rightly proud of their J. Jay McVicker collection of paintings, prominently displayed, the store also spilled over with earthen ware, bolts of vintage fabric, Tramp carved wooden boxes and a wildly futuristic Frank Lloyd Wright parlor chair.

rope screen
rope screen

From there, we set out to get inside jōz. Second day to try. Still no entry. Mom even called Joe Harp himself, but left a message. Gadora is only here for a limited time, and We. Want. Inside.

joz exterior
joz exterior

Sadly, Joe never phoned. And a peek in his windows only peaked my curiosity. His tiny partitioned rooms looked well-edited. I noted a Ken Edwards chicken (he’s a fave from a chance discovery in Cabo a few years back) in the window. And a few other pieces I wish I could have gotten my hands on…

Pink couch in window of joz.
Pink couch in window of jōz.

A quick internet search yielded a few Craigslist postings for jōz, which boast, “To view other pieces of furniture, original art, prints, glassware, pottery, vintage jewelry, lighting, home accessories, etc… come check us out!” I tried Joe, I tried. Maybe next time I’m in T-town.

Scooter Joe
Scooter Joe

*Bettye’s not her real name. But she sure was a sweet-pea.

One thought on “Mid-Century Modern in Tulsa.

  1. If you get another Lane Acclaim series table, you will find that the best stripper is Zipstrip 2, which is somewhat green and somewhat not, follow directions, and leave on for 30 minutes, use steel wool to remove, 0000. scrub with Steel wool that is. Once all the goop is off, use a light 10-1 bleach solution to clean, scrubing again with steel wool. You can’t really hurt the serila number etc., as it is burned in. Finish with Deft semi-gloss, 3 coats, rubbed with Steel Wool in-between coats. You’ll love the look

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