Loves me some Chocolate.

When an Animal Print request comes in for a pet who has recently passed, Gadora owns a certain responsibility to recreate their portrait painstakingly right. This is Hershey. The original photo her Mama, Jessica, emailed Gadora was perfectly personal. Hi-Res. Crisp. Telling.
Hershey's Animal Print
Hershey's Animal Print
Hershey’s family lost her when she was 12.5 years old, just over a month ago. Jessica wanted to gift an Animal Print for her husband’s birthday. The image was SO good. The composition. Hershey’s expression. I spent a great deal painterly layering in her chocolate hue of hairs. And her eyes… I am exceptionally proud of them.

Off Hershey’s print went to Honolulu, Hawaii and I eagerly awaited her arrival. “We received Hershey’s portrait last week, thank you so much. It is really beautiful and my husband loved it.”

2 thoughts on “Loves me some Chocolate.

  1. Gadora,

    I am Jessica’s husband. Just wanted to say thanks as well. You did a great job on painting Hershey’s portrait. The eyes are spot on. She always had very expressive eyes. She was a great dog and we miss her a lot.

    Thanks again,

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