Fiona’s Animal Print was a gift for a friend. Her teensy tiny portrait was grainy and dark but upon requesting another, Gadora received word, “it was the best that I could clandestinely steal from her computer when she wasn’t at her desk.” Oooh, I love a girl determined.

Fiona ~ sitting pretty.
Fiona ~ sitting pretty.


Fi, a smallish American Eskimo hails from Raleigh, NC. Her Mama loves and dotes on her.

Fi on her Sofa
Fi on her Sofa

Michelle eventually managed a few other photos (thank you!), enabling Gadora a better understanding of Fiona’s personality and spunk.

Happy Girl
Happy Girl

• • •

Gadora checked with Michelle to make certain Fi had delivered. She had. “I did… and gave it to my friend on Saturday. She loved it and, I think, teared up a little!  Thanks so much for making such a special gift.” Nuf said.

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