An Animal Print request came in from a NY woman who got her paws (pun intended, and thank you Pamela) on a precious print of her friend’s Teacup Maltese, Jezebel.



With a few crumblies in her beard, Gadora set out to clean up Jeze’s coat and lighten up the background so she’d shine prominently. Also wanted to make Jezebel’s eyes glisten! She sure is a fuzzy wuzzy!

Jezebel on sofa
Jezebel on sofa

Upon completion, I sent Miss Jeze off and awaited a response. How did Gadora do? Pamela did you get her? “I did!! And I LOVE IT!!!! I got back yesterday and tore it open. She’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I’m going out to get a frame at lunch and giving it to her today. She’s going to really love it.” ~ Pamela

• • •

That was yesterday. This is from today… “Thank you so much for the painting beautiful watercolor of Jezebel!!!!! I love it!!!!!! She is my little angel and you really captured her here! Again thank you so much. It is really so great.” ~ Jill

Jezebel's new du
Jezebel's new du

Here’s a bonus pic of Jezebel all cleaned up. Good things do come in small packages!!!

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