How much fun am I having with the Chihuahua’s? Loads, I tell you! Sprouts, the eternal cuddle-dog, proudly perches on the sofa for her portrait. Her Animal Print would be a present for her Grams in El Paso, Texas. And so feeling the surprisingly new (to me) Texas-pride, Gadora felt this had to be good.

Sprouts in a field of flowers.
Sprouts in a field of flowers.

StripeDetermining Sprouts’ pic needed a lil attention, Gadora wrote to say, “I took her off the couch and stuck her in a field of WILDFLOWERS…” Bluebonnets specifically. Laura, Sprouts’ Mom, returned, “Wildflowers are my favorite, especially bluebonnets! They don’t grow that much in El Paso (poor West Texas), but my mom manages to grow in her garden. You seem to know my mom, Sprouts and I so well already.” Happy face. See it?

Sprouts' original photo.
Sprouts' original photo.

• • •

A Sprouts’ aside: “Even though she is a “grown up” she still loves to cuddle… comes to sleep with me around 2 or 3 in the morning… starts under the sheets by my feet, and as it gets later she’ll move up until she’s snuggled between my arm and body… her little nose poking out from under the covers. Sometimes she’ll be on her back with her head on her pillow and two paws over the covers. Those are usually the days I hit snooze a few more times.”

Adorable Sprouts as a wee pup. No doubt angling for some smooches.

Puppy Sprouts
Puppy Sprouts

Gadora sent Sprouts off to El Paso and eagerly awaited the response. Today it came. “My mom received the portrait of Sprouts yesterday and absolutely adores it! She got a little choked up when she was telling me about it on the phone. Thank you so much. It was the perfect gift for her. Thanks a million.” Do YOU love it?!

5 thoughts on “Sprouts.

  1. Sprouts is THE CUTEST CHIHUAHUA ever! Thanks for the most unique birthday gift. I’ll treasure her portrait forever.

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