Yvette’s email was, unfortunately, not atypical, “A friend of mine recently lost her beloved dog and I’d like to send you a photo… I know this will cheer her up and brighten her spirits.” The snail mail photo of Teddy arrived by way of Laguna Beach, CA with a hand-written note…

Teddy in the Garden

Stripe“Her pup was darling and surrounded by flowers in the garden, his favorite place.” Teddy was far away in the photo-of-a-photo Gadora received, and needed some attention. A close-up of his finely coiffed “more traditional Wheatie cut” might do.


She likes it. She likes it! Yvette emailed, “Teddy is here and simply beautiful.  I can’t believe the magic you worked on that little photo. Wow. Thank you for this work of art. I plan to get together with my friend in the next couple of weeks.  I’m sure she will be teary.”

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