Lilybeth and Cynthia…

This was a tough one, folks. Lilybeth came in from a photo of a photo, sort of black and white, when Lilybeth was decidedly more spry, and totally devoid of real detail. But Southgate, CA resident Cynthia asked so sweetly, “can you do my precious Lilybeth?” Gadora would sure try…

Lilybeth and Cynthia
Lilybeth and Cynthia

I reached out to Cynthia for another shot. And, with this one, she gave me carte blanche. The second photo provided a better idea of her coloring.

Lilybeth standing FAR away...
Lilybeth standing FAR away...

This is the first time Lilybeth and I will have something special made like this. She’s been through so much—all I want is to have something to treasure so that she can be forever young, healthy and beautiful.”

Lilybeth and Cynthia original.
Lilybeth and Cynthia original.

• • •

Me likes. I’m so happy with how she (they!) turned out. Cynthia, you were my second “people” and I appreciate you letting me paint YOU too! Thank you, too, for the kind words…

“I got home from work yesterday and there it was Miss Lilybeth’s portrait.  I was so excited to open the package and finally see her.  I just LOVE it!!  You have captured her essence her eyes…  So beautiful, she already went up for display on my fireplace mantel.

Thank you so much for everything, you’ve done an awesome job. I know Miss Lilybeth was a challenge, and that’s why her portrait is even more special to me because you took the time to capture her in detail. Thank you for that.”

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