Mochie, a 6-year old Chocolate Lab, whose “legal” name is Mocha Marty, is a happy, busy girl. Also answering to “Mochie-Pokey” and “Mocha-roney and Cheese,” her portrait only captures an inkling of her essence.


StripeHer favorite activities (besides eating) are hiking and mountain biking, which for her, both consist of running out and back exploring, smelling, and meeting other dogs on the trails. And Gadora takes it, she loves her car-rides that get her there…

Mochie In Car
Mochie in car

Her original photo (below) posed a small problem, as in it was blurry, so Gadora pulled her head-shot from above. I removed some of the furnishings to make Miss Mochie most prominent.

Mocha Marty
Mocha Marty

• • •

Her portrait arrived, with great acclaim. “Thank you again for the amazing watercolor portrait!!!  I will look forward to seeing Mochie on Gadora!!!” Well, Chloe, here she is.

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