Audry’s Animal Print came as a request for a woman’s boss. Audry *, a Cairn Terrier, who lives in San Diego with her “people” and cat companion, loves spooning her peeps after a long day hunting lizards…

Audry ~ Cairn Terrier
Audry ~ Cairn Terrier

StripeAlways freshly coiffed, here she poses nose-first… OMG couldn’t you just kiss her?


Those in-the-know call her “Mummers” or “Ma Meres” ~ and they always call her because she’s so doggone cute. Her bio… Favorite pastime(s): Chasing birds away from the backyard, barking at helicopters, digging a nest in the bed before falling asleep, eating peanut butter, sleeping with her feline sis, Abby. And Audry especially loves going on road trips to see her Oma in Arizona.

Audry in the Garden
Audry in the Garden

* dare Gadora says she has a favorite, this could be it. I LOVE the way it turned out with her bristly hair. And those eyes! Smooooooooch.

4 thoughts on “Audry

  1. You are so effing talented. I think we may have missed lunch chance this week! I still want to try for it!

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