“Never, never, never! Pray you, undo this Button.”

Each Animal Print arrives with a different request. “This is a gift, can you get it here… yesterday?” “Can you use this fuzzy photo-of-a-photo from my old-school scanner?” And this request for Button, a gift for Mom who, “is completely in love with Button, and would want something that looked as much like Button as possible, to capture her unique expressions and her huge brown eyes.”

Meet Button. x3. Allie’s black and white tuxedo rat terrier, described by her Mama as a “great breed. Super intelligent, they don’t bark, very loyal and loving…” Gadora is falling for the lil guys, I tell you.

Button with Sushi
Button with Sushi
Button with Bow
Button with Bow
Button with Mouse
Button with Mouse

StripeAllie sent along specific, and very detailed, instructions, along with photos she’d already retouched. Button with Bow could be “portrait,” and please remove the red bag. Please maintain some of the Nantucket blanket detail in Button with Sushi, (yes, they make plush toys shaped like sushi for dogs and she LOVES them). Above all, take my time. Create Button right.

Button three-ways.
Button three-ways.

Gadora did just that. Allie’s email says it for me. “We got the prints and absolutely LOVE them. I can’t believe what a fantastic job you did and how talented you are!! My mom was in awe and even Button gave her sniff of approval! I love how you captured Button’s expression in the one with her sushi toy. Her face and snout are perfect. They all are so, so precious and will be carefully treasured. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make something so special for us. I can’t wait to see Button’s story on your website.”

Thanks Allie. Button was super fun to paint. So happy she’s happy.

2 thoughts on ““Never, never, never! Pray you, undo this Button.”

  1. Skipped a day or so with my sorting and packing — wow! you’ve been busy. I’m in love with Button with bow as well!

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