Meet Maggie. The Mags. Pupple. Alligator Head. Her Waxahachie, TX Mama emails, “she is 13 years old and we’ tell her every day she will be the oldest living rottie EVER!!!!!”


StripeMaggie’s Mama sent in a couple of shots.


During the course of our correspondence it was revealed Maggie’s family has a restaurant, The Dove’s Nest, and her Daddy has a thing for fine rugs (I ask you, who doesn’t?). Gadora worked the mojo with some rug action. 

Lounging Maggie
Lounging Maggie

Maggie’s Animal Print was delivered yesterday. “I just opened the package…..I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you sooo much.  Although I tell Maggie everyday she will be the oldest living Rottie EVER…..I know our time with her is drawing to a close, so having memories like this will be a real blessing…thanks again.”

My pleasure, Cindy. Really.

One thought on “Maggie.

  1. This came in response to Gadora’s holiday wishes. “I wanted you to know how happy I am to have your print you did for our rottie, Maggie. Unfortunately, she died suddenly a couple of weeks ago at age 13, and although we miss her terribly I will cherish the print you made of her for years to come. Thanks so much.”

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