Ms. Bella. Beach girl.

A request, and several silly (and entertaining) photos, came in from Longwood, FL for Miss Bella. A mixed-breed pup with personality, plus.


StripeWe sifted through them, Lynn (Bella’s proud Grandma) and I, deciding on a shot where she’s engaging the camera. While I liked her in her pink party tutu…


Bella’s more a natural, likes her sips by the seashore… in the nude, though she wasn’t smiling in this photo either… This is Lindsay’s (Bella’s Mama) fave.

Bella Beach

We decided on the close-up of her graying muzzle. She’s totally comfortable with her mustache. “Obviously, Bella means a lot to my daughter… living in New Orleans… really best buds… so the picture will mean a lot… as Ms. Bella is starting to show her age!”


She arrived. “The painting just arrived in the mail… I LOVE it… you captured her… I took a picture of it and sent it to our other daughter to see… Thanks for the great job…”

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