In the years after my Bull Mastiff, Gadora has decided smaller might actually be better, especially since the Bully outweighed me by many, MANY pounds… While He was indeed a looker, I like the looks of a Vizsla. Regal. Streamlined. Manageable. Naturally I was thrilled when an Animal Print request came in for Ruby…


StripeHer Minnesota Mama emailed several pictures to choose from. Ruby resting sweetly next to the baby. Ruby sitting under the office desk with a telling face of guilt. Ruby begging for a rub at the foot of the sofa. Ruby at a Memorial Day outing…

Lakeside Lady
Lakeside Lady

Ruby basking in the sun.

Ruby in the Sun
Ruby in the Sun

Ruby was one of the first prints Gadora sent out. Thanks Tonya for the Animal Print response, “YES! We got it and it looks great! Thank you- we love it. Love for you to post it.”

One thought on “Ruby.

  1. This one, with the light and the vibrant green background, is gorgeous, girl! Really nice work here. I want to reach out and pet sweet Ruby.

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