Sweet-talking Bella.

What is it with Dudes and Cats? You Dudes really can’t admit you like them? Part Siamese, Bella is the sweetest little thing. It was suggested that her Daddy, “never really liked cats (until he got one) and she is now the love of his life.”



Sweet-talking, vocal Bella is her Mother’s shadow, “she follows me absolutely EVERY WHERE.” And she’s playful. “We often find her carrying around her toys in her mouth, much like a dog would do.” Bella’s best reason to awake from a cat-nap: to play fetch with balled-up paper (her toy of choice!).

Sun-bathing Bella
Sun-bathing Bella

She sat pretty for her picture.

Beautiful Bella
Bella Sitting-pretty

Thanks to Courtney who sent, “I was thrilled to receive Bella’s portrait over the weekend and she looks beautiful. You did such an amazing job – THANK YOU.” She then added, “she’ll be so excited to know she’s going to be on-line – haha.”

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