Teaz ~ pronounced T-Z

Meet Teaz. Pronounced T-Z. Teaz is a 14-year old, 100 pound Labrador. White around the whiskers, his Lisa beams, “he is SO special and sweet!”


The photo Lisa chose for Teaz’ Animal Print showed a happy, lounging  pooch nestled in the grass. A little fuzzy, Gadora had her work cut out for her. But isn’t his smile infectious? Love!

Lounging Teaz
Lounging Teaz

StripeHis background begged for a little pizzazz, added contrast so he would take focus. With a nod to Mississippi’s pines, prominent in the state from which he hails, and a lighter background Teaz is complete.


For a moment yesterday, Lisa and I thought we’d lost his print. The post office was sure taking their sweet time, but they delivered. “I got Teaz in the mail yesterday!! I got home from work, went to the mailbox & there it was! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it… you captured my sweet Teaz perfectly!  I will have him with me forever now.  Thank you…!”

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